guruken (guruken) wrote,

Moscow for melomaniacs

В англоязычной The Moscow News вышел материал про отечественную музыку, где есть и небольшой фрагмент интервью со мной:

Moscow for melomaniacs

Vadim Ponomaryov,
editor-in-chief of

"I will give you one for each genre. In classics my choice would be banal, but honest - Tchaikovsky's ‘The Nutcracker' by Yevgeny Svetlanov's orchestra. It's an old record, but of fantastic strength. And it excellently represents the beauty of the expressive Russian melodic school.

"Speaking of jazz, I can't imagine my collection without Alexei Aigi's soundtrack to the movie ‘Strana Glukhikh' (‘Country of the Deaf'). The soundtrack is by his new-jazz band, 4'33". It's a mix of the same old melodic school and sophisticated minimalism. I think this work will go down in the history of Russian music, and Aigi's melodies will live for a long time.

"Finally, pop and rock music. More frequently I relisten Aquarium and Alla Pugachyova. But still... the history of 20th-century Russian music was ‘made' by Alla Pugachyova's double vinyl ‘Kak Trevozhen Etot Put'. These songs are still up to date and could be compared to the best albums of other great artists like Streisand, Dalida, and Minnelli... Russian music definitely can't be imagined without this voice and these songs: ‘Ne Otrekayutsa Lyubya', ‘Sonet Shekspira', ‘Kuda Ukhodit Detstvo', ‘Priezhai' and others."


Ну и вообще такой интересный текст там получился.

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