Триллер и MTV

Век живи, век учись. Я вот не знал таких подробностей про создание клипа Майкла Джексона Триллер: 

"Mike volunteered to pay for the film himself, but we decided to make a 45-minute making-of film that – added to Thriller’s 15-minute running time – meant we had an hour of film we could sell to television and so finance our production. This was an elegant concept – except no television network wanted it. To them, Thriller was last year’s news. Even MTV, which had had great success with Billie Jean and Beat It, the first two videos from Thriller, turned us down. (MTV never had to pay for videos because they were considered by record companies to be marketing costs.) But Showtime, then a new pay cable channel, agreed to pay half the budget, and MTV suddenly changed its mind, justifying the expenditure as a “motion picture”, not a video."


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