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Сердючка на Евровидении

После этой фотки Сердючки на вчерашней репетиции Евровидения у меня внутри как-то акции Сердючки взмыли вверх:

Больше фоток:

Фотка и забавные комментарии автора (на английском):
Some people think that Ukraine is a fan favourite and will only get the votes from fans but, I have to say, in Helsinki anyway, the reaction of the bar workers, for example, when they hear the song or the Finns working on security in the arena or Press Centre is almost univerally supportive of Ukraine. This song will get votes from lots of sources. Whether it will win, who knows yet? But , at the moment, it has a good chance of being this year´s winner.

А почему бы нет?

P.S. Сравните с тем, как выглядит Серебро:

I had high hopes for Russia after the previews and I have to say I was disappointed with the Russian performance. What they do on stage is fine but it is not having the impact for me that Russia had in 2006, which surprised me. I´m not saying that it won´t do well but it´s a possibility , in my opinion, at the moment.
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